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Rochelle Chase

Rochelle Chase is a New Zealand born artist, currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Prior to establishing herself as a painter Chase began her creative career as a hair and make-up artist.

This early introduction to the world of beauty inspired her to launch her own cosmetics range in 1999. Success came swiftly with her beautiful range of lipsticks and glosses stocked by 150 stores nationally. It was during this period that she discovered her fascination with and love for formulating colour, which inspired her to start painting.

In 2007 Chase's growing passion for painting saw her switch careers to become an artist. Her works quickly became sought after and in a short time she was accepting commissions to create artworks for some of Australia's leading corporates and developers. This led to her decision to open pop up galleries across Sydney. Initially she launched 'Art Treasury' in Bondi, showcasing emerging local artists as well as the Nelson Mandela Collection. This was soon followed by a Double Bay space, this time showing the works of international contemporary and indigenous artists.

Rochelle's own artworks are inspired by the natural movements of the earth. Her love of water led her to focus on rip currents, and a fascination with the phenomenon of light drew her to the Aurora Australis and a series of works exploring that natural light display.

To further her knowledge she studied Fine Arts at UNSW Art and Design. She has travelled extensively, visiting major Art Fairs, museums, galleries and auction houses as well as assisting with the Paddington Art Prize and contributing her time and artworks to various philanthropic causes. Chase brings an authentic, unique and fresh approach to the business of art, with her intuitive nature, entrepreneurial spirit and deep love for the arts allowing her to make instantaneous and lasting connections.

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