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Col Jordan

Radiating with heat and the dappled colours of summer on the waterways of Venice, the abstract sculptures and paintings ‘From Venice’ have been created directly at the source.

In August 2015 Jordan and his wife lived on the Island of Giudecca, a ten minute vaporetto journey across the wide Giudecca Canal to San Marco, San Polo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro and other fabled sites of Venice. Whilst Jordan preferred the quiet and friendly island where the local Veneitans lived, he was still drawn to the energy of the tourist driven Venice. He states,”Despite that crush of humanity, Venice in August was a symphony in two movements: the city, a restless scherzo of colours and forms in riotous interchange, the lagoon, an adagio of pastel heat haze blurring the forms of boats and distant islands.”

Celebrating the city for its historical role as muse to culture and stage for the masses, Jordan’s paintings engage with the movement of water, people and culture through Venice. “From Venice explores this interchange between land and water. It pays homage to the magnificence of Venice, that miraculous place teetering on the brink of extinction.”

Enthusiastic in his colour range and tone, Jordan’s works exude the heat and energy of the joyous scenes of Venice in summer. Delicately changing from pastels to metallic silvers and intense reds, blues and oranges – the walls will be lit up by this small excerpt of summer.

                                                        'Artist Profile' review, 2016


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