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Diane Scott

Scott says, 'I seek to make work that explores the perception of time and space, particularly thought strength in beauty and beauty in strength. using the spatial qualities of composition, orientation and materiality to simultaneously make space visible and to bend it. I am interested in how an image can simultaneously question and withhold, and how that resistance to translation can be a vital part of an artwork's enigma. I want the work to be atmospheric, visceral and alive. To locate those spaces that oscillate from one state to another and resist a singular reading. the search for this atmospheric vibration drives the work.

'If you want to find out the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration' - Nikola Tesla

I'm interested in how pigments are light refracting material which reflect, refract or absorb light. Pigments are not where colour resides, light is colour and pigments are different shapes that bend, filter and absorb the light.

My works are influenced by Sol Le Witt and Brutalism.'

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